Chasing Love

Is that what we do?  We chase that feeling, we chase that embrace, that touch.  Just a moment of passion, to be held in a way that awakens every ounce of woman inside. She begs for it and yearns for it.  Touch me feel me set me free.  Hands that connect with the gateway to the soul.  We chase this passion this love this embrace.  We sacrifice and break into pieces to find it.  The pain is worth it for a moment of pleasure a moment of embrace. We need it we crave it we beg for it.  Hold me touch me love me.  Never let me go.  Climb inside me and rip all the darkness out.  Hold me down and love me so hard that there is nothing left.  I need the escape and the release.  I need to break into pieces within your hands and feel all that is you..  The security the strength for a moment I am grounded and not lost in chaos, for a moment I am secure.  Please don’t make me chase it any more.


Finally Back

Oh my gosh I finally got back into my blog!  I am so happy it has been three years since I have posted.  I have been in a very dark place surrounded by so many lies that I lost tract of me and what I was doing, who I was becoming.  Yes you could say I lost myself in the mess.  I am so glad to be back, this blog has helped me so much to work through my demons and to grow in my strength and understanding of myself.  I missed it so much because it was always the one place where I could be brutally honestly me with no regard for anything else.  Thank God I am back.  So this is where I am at this moment.


“Only You”

I know that I am damaged, broken and bleeding,

just to be loved, is all I was needing,

so long in the darkness,  I’ve been so alone,

behind this great wall, I built out  of stone,

abandoned in silence, accepting my fate,

it is only you,  who calms all the hate,

it is only you. who can  sooth all the pain,

it is only your voice, I can hear through the rain,

it is only your light,  I can see in the night,

it is only your arms, that make it all right,

awakening from the numbness, that consumed my soul,

it is only with you, I can again be whole,

I know that you can help me, to heal all the wounds,

just like a flower, my heart now blooms,

you are my way out, my perfect escape,

to leave this dark, and wretched place,

I’m simply an angel, who forgot how to fly

,lost in a prison, surrounded by lies,

chained up so long, my soul was starting to die,

in a lonely place, where most can’t survive,

only with you, does the fear subside,

It is only your touch, that makes my soul come alive,

And once again, I feel I can fly……..

Queen of the Night


Sweet Seduction




City of Love

005 006 007This is a few pics of how my paintings become art.  This one took aprox 15 hours to finish.  I love it.